December 11, 2017


Volume 12, Issue 4–December 11, 2017


Monthly Blab?

As mentioned last issue, it has been increasingly difficult getting the Weekly Blab out this term, given the rapid pace of things happening.  I’ll keep trying to get it out as often as possible.


Lots of Good News

Things have been going very well for SUNY Canton lately.


PIF Funding

To start with, we’ve gotten four major proposals funded by the SUNY Performance Improvement Fund (PIF).  These proposals are as follows:

  • Funding to develop a model co-curricular transcript. We’ve wanted to develop a co-curricular transcript for a few years.  To do it effectively, we needed to have funds to both buy some necessary software and to hire someone to handle the logistics of implementing it.  This funding will be used to cover the costs of the new hire for two years.  The initial phase of the implementation will take place this Spring, with a goal of having students able to print out copies of their co-curricular transcript by the end of the semester.
  • Funding to develop an online Sustainable Construction degree. SUNY Canton has offered an associates degree in Construction Technology for many years.  This proposal allows us to extend the program to a bachelors degree (we will still offer the associates) that focuses on the topic of sustainable construction.  The second two years of the program will be offered online.  The funds will be used to hire a faculty member in the area of sustainable construction.
  • Funding to develop an online Industrial Technology Management and Logistics degree. SUNY Canton has offered a bachelors degree in Industrial Technology Management for many years.  This proposal will allow us to also focus on logistics—a critical area in all aspects of business.  The funds will be used to hire a faculty member in the area of logistics.
  • Funding for Online Enhancement. Our goal with this proposal is to bring online students fully into the life of the College.  We will do this by providing essentially all student support services to online students that face-to-face students are able to access.  Some examples of this will include providing access to programming from student life, being able to join most student clubs and organizations, and providing a way for online students to participate in athletics.  The funds will be used to hire campus life coordinator for online students to support this effort, and to fund software and equipment that will be needed.

The amounts granted in the four proposals were essentially the amounts we requested, which is very good indeed.  We expect to hear about funding for our fifth proposal, which will support replicating our Solar Ready Vets program and equipment on campus, and supporting our Alternative Energy degree program by the end of the semester.

We’re also part of an additional PIF proposal to fund promotion of the Tech Sector.  This proposal was submitted by all the Colleges of Technology through SUNY Morrisville.




We’ve had some good news on the athletics front as well.  Our women’s ice hockey team has been accepted for membership into the NorthEast Women’s Hockey League (NEWHL), starting in Fall 2019.  Other members of NEWHL include Buffalo State, Cortland, Oswego, Plattsburgh, Potsdam, and joining at the same time as we are, SUNY Morrisville.


We also just heard that we were accepted as full members into the North Atlantic Conference (NAC), and will begin competing there in Fall 2018.  This will cover 12 of SUNY Canton’s 15 NCAA Division III sponsored sports, including baseball, men’s and women’s basketball, men’s and women’s cross country, men’s golf, men’s and women’s lacrosse, men’s and women’s soccer, softball and women’s volleyball. Membership in the NAC will allow our students opportunities for post-season NCAA competition.  Other members of NAC include Univ. of Maine at Farmington, Husson University, Johnson State College, Lyndon State College, Maine Maritime Academy, U. of Maine at Presque Isle, and Thomas College.

Women’s golf will continue competition in the Empire 8 Conference, and Women’s ice hockey will continue in the Colonial Hockey Conference in 2018-2019.  And before you ask, we haven’t forgotten about the Men’s Ice Hockey team—we are in the process of applying for conference membership for them as well.


New Degree Programs

We’ve also had two additional degree programs approved by State Ed. in the past few weeks.  SUNY Canton is now authorized to offer a B.S. degree in Cybersecurity and a B.B.A. in Early Childhood Care and Management, both to being in Fall 2018.  We’ve gotten some nice press on both these programs, with the most recent being an editorial in the Watertown Daily Times, thanking us for launching the Early Childhood B.B.A, writing:

Officials at SUNY Canton are responding to this situation with a worthwhile plan. Beginning next academic year, they will offer a new major covering education and management to enable students to eventually open their own day care centers, according to the NCPR story… We commend SUNY Canton for its efforts to address a lingering problem in our community. People regularly look to local institutions of higher learning to tackle vexing issues, and school officials earn an A for the answer they’ve given for this one.”



So What Else is New?  eSports!

As many of you will recall, at the State of the College address earlier this fall, we announced that we were moving forward with three major initiatives, one of which was making our athletics programs more comprehensive and contemporary.  We’re implementing greater leadership training opportunities, stronger retention and graduation efforts, and have (as reported above) joined new conferences in most sports.  We are now happy to announce that as of next semester, SUNY Canton will begin competing nationally in eSports, by becoming the first New York State team to join the National Association of Collegiate eSports (NACE), the most prominent nationally recognized organization devoted to collegiate video gaming.


Our launching of eSports ties several of our current strategic directions together.  First, we now offer several degree programs related to online gaming, including Game Design and Development, Graphics and Multimedia Design, and Technological Communication.  Second, we are working to integrate our online students more fully into the life of the College.  eSports will allow online students to participate in our intercollegiate athletics programs.  Third, this fits with our goal of having all students have a broad range of opportunities to participate in athletics.

We are planning on converting a space in Neveldine to an eSports gaming lab, to be ready as near the beginning of the Spring semester as possible, depending on how long it takes to get specialized computers.  We’ve gotten a lot of press on our eSports announcement too, the latest being a nice report on Watertown’s Channel 7 news, which you can see by clicking here.




Last Time’s Trivia Contest

Last time’s contest had to do with songs about railroads.  Our fastest five responders with all five correct were Terri Clemmo, John Jodice, Jennifer Church, DianeMarie Collins, and irishrover120.  Just come to my office on the 6th floor of MacArthur Hall to get your prizes—a duplicate CD from the vast Szafran repository.   Also getting all five right was Dan Gagliardi.

Here are the correct answers:

  1. In the children’s song, I’ve been doing it “all the live-long day”. Working on the railroad.
  2. Glenn Miller had a huge hit about this Tennessee train, where “Dinner in the diner, nothing could be finer, than to have you ham an’ eggs in Carolina.” Chattanooga Choo Choo.
  3. Where the Monkees told you to take the Last Train to.  Clarksville.
  4. According to Count Basie and Duke Ellington, the train you take to get to Sugar Hill way up in Harlem. The “A” Train.
  5. Name of the song where Simon and Garfunkel were “Sitting in a railroad station, got a ticket to my destination.” Homeward Bound.



This Time’s Trivia Challenge

This issue’s challenge will continue a series about songs, this time being songs about winter. As usual, the first five with all five correct wins a duplicate CD from the vast Szafran repository, or whatever else I’ve dredged up as a prize. No looking up the answers now!  SEND ALL ENTRIES BY EMAIL TO since if you put them as a response on the BLOG, everyone will be able to see them.

  1. Song that begins: “Chestnuts roasting on an open fire, Jack Frost nipping at your nose.”
  2. What you’re doing when “Sleigh bells ring, are you listening? In the lane, snow is glistening.”
  3. Beatles song with lyrics: “Little darling, I feel that ice is slowly melting.”
  4. The Mamas & the Papas song with lyrics: “All the leaves are brown and the sky is gray, I’ve been for a walk on a winter’s day.”
  5. Anne Murray song with lyrics: “Spread your tiny wings and fly away, and take the snow back with you, where it came from on that day.
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