May 28, 2014


Volume 8, Issue 33 – May 28, 2014


Bridging Between Two Places

The world is full of funny coincidences. When I left New England College back in 2005, one of the places that offered me a position was Manhattanville College, just north of New York City. When I went down there to interview, they were in the midst of their league’s final in hockey, and guess who they were playing? Yep, it was New England College, for both men’s and women’s hockey! I don’t remember which game went which way, but Manhattanville won one final and NEC won the other. I was at the men’s game, and had a hard time deciding who to root for, so I decided to root for both.

Well, it’s happened again. I knew that both SPSU and SUNY-Canton had made the national Student Steel Bridge Competition finals, and I was rooting for them both. I just got the results of the national competition and SPSU acquitted itself quite well, coming in 14th, beating such unknowns as the Univ. of Central Florida; Michigan State Univ.; Univ. of Puerto Rico; Kansas State Univ.; Milwaukee School of Engineering; UT-San Antonio; Washington State Univ.; Clemson Univ.; Univ. of British Columbia; Texas A & M – College Station; Univ. of Michigan; Arkansas State Univ.; University of Connecticut; Univ. of Missouri Science and Technology; South Dakota School of Mining and Tech.; Worcester Polytechnic Institute (my undergraduate alma mater); California Polytechnic, Pomona; Univ. of Virginia; The Citadel; and Minnesota State Univ., Mankato.

Who came in 13th, just ahead of SPSU? SUNY-Canton! In fact, in several of the sub-categories, SPSU and SUNY-Canton were also neck and neck.

The national winner was University of California-Davis, who had won previously in 2005. MIT came in 2nd, and UC-Berkeley (national winner in 2008, 2012, and 2013) came in 3rd. For you history fans out there, the university that has won the nationals the most is North Dakota State, winning in 1995, 2002, 2004, 2006, 2007, and 2010. SPSU hosted the competition way back in 1993. Who won the national in 2009?   SUNY-Canton.

Congratulations to the students, faculty, and advisors involved with the teams on both campuses! I’m predicting that one of us will win it all next year and that the other will come in 2nd, but I’m not saying which one is which.


Time to Party!

One of the nicest events I’ve had the pleasure to attend was the party for President Rossbacher last Friday, celebrating her 16 years at SPSU as well as her many accomplishments. The food was great (love the shrimp and Mexican rice), the band was excellent and played the kind of music I like, and the ambiance was perfect—the fountain’s water was dyed bright green, as was Dean Rich Cole’s hair. Even Lisa had colored one tress of her hair green. I had considered doing it myself, but ultimately settled on wearing a green tie.

1Dean Rich Cole proves it’s not easy being green.  Picture by Alana Kyriakakis

One of the highlights was the serving of margaritas mixed with Tang (a Tangorita, named after Lisa’s dog)—not something I ever would have thought of doing, but they tasted very nice. On top of it all, the weather was beautiful too. The party was so pleasant, I think we should have one every Friday!

2Zvi paying off his gambling debt to Lisa, while Mark gives him the kangaroo ears.  Picture by Alana Kyriakakis

Jill and Mark really enjoyed the festivities, with Mark doing his usual thing of going around to the various ladies on campus he knows and hugging and kissing them all. It was wonderful seeing several friends from outside SPSU too, including Margaret Venable, David Hornbeck, and various faculty and staff’s husbands and wives.

It was great seeing everyone, but bittersweet knowing that so many of us are scattering to the four winds. Most everyone was aware of my impending move to Canton, and it was tough saying goodbye to so many people, but it was wonderful to get so many good wishes. I’m hoping everyone will make a real effort to stay in touch.


Contact Information

A lot of people have asked me for my contact information up in Canton, so here’s what I know so far, courtesy of my new business card!

Screen Shot 2014-05-27 at 10.25.08 AM

What’s on the back of the card? Glad you asked:

Screen Shot 2014-05-27 at 10.25.19 AM


Last Week’s Trivia Contest

Last week’s contest had questions all involving the word “disc”. Our winner was fast-fingered Rich Halstead-Nussloch. Others getting all five right included Bob Harbort, Jamie Garrett, Jonathan Lartigue, and from up at SUNY-Canton, David Norenberg, Julie Parkman, and Teresa Clemmo from the Career Services Office. Here are the correct answers:

  1. Another word for conversation. Discussion.
  2. You throw it in an Olympic track and field event. Discus.
  3. He spins stacks of wax. Disc Jockey.
  4. Medical condition where a tear in the outer fibrous ring of a vertebra allows the soft central portion to bulge out, causing much pain.   Ruptured, bulging, or slipped disc.
  5. Usually made of cast iron (though sometimes made of composites), it was first patented by Frederick William Lanchester in 1902. Disc brakes.


This Week’s Trivia Challenge

In honor of last Friday’s festivities, this week’s trivia challenge has all answers involving the word “party”.  As usual, the first with the most takes the prize.  No looking up the answers now!  SEND ALL ENTRIES BY EMAIL TO, since if you put them as a response on the BLOG, everyone will be able to see them!


  1. 1773 event featuring colonists dressed as Native Americans.
  2. In the UK, the major ones are Labor, the Conservatives, and the Liberal Democrats.
  3. Someone who spoils the festivities.
  4. Main catchphrase on Wayne’s World.
  5. 1963 movie starring Annette and Frankie. I have an autographed poster of it in my office.
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